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Professor Herb Hemp Briquette Hash 3.5g - Grape Kush

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Smooth as a grape, this CBD Hash from Professor Herb is the perfect way to take your relaxation to the next level! Provide your body with 175mg of Italian-grown hemp - THC-free and Grape Kush-infused - and enjoy the majesty of this premium briquette hash. All the chill of a great kush, none of the paranoia! Smile away your stress with Professor Herb!

Flavour: Grape Kush (Juicy sweet grape with terpenes)

Product Features:

  • Manufactured in the UK & EU
  • Premium Italian grown industrial hemp biomass pollen (3.5g per pouch)
  • 175mg of organic natural CBD per pouch
  • Smell-proof resealable foil zip-lock pouch
  • Analysed & tested by Adact Medical
  • QR code feature for COA

Each pouch is sealed for freshness and features a resealable zipper to keep the product fresher for longer. You can now scan the integrated QR code to display the products analysis and Cannabinoid report.

Ingredients: Hemp biomass pollen, terpenes & flavourings.