CBD and Pets

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As more and more people around the world become more aware of the benefits of CBD, people have started asking if it can have benefits for their pets.

CBD is a natural product derived from the hemp plant that is neither psychoactive or toxic and therefore is perfectly safe for human and animal consumption. The effects of CBD have also been reported to be similar amongst ourselves and our furry companions but let’s take a look at the two main reasons people have started adding CBD to their animals diets.

Stress and Anxiety

Humans are not the only animal susceptible to a bit of stress. Many of our pets suffer from strong separation anxiety while their owners have to go about their daily lives. CBD has been shown to help your little critters relax throughout the day while they are alone. Also some dogs have known to be a little more anxious and scared of the outside world whilst out on their daily walkies. Again a daily dosage of CBD can help mitigate these feelings of stress and anxiety.

CBD can also help alleviate stress in pets on the more random aspects of life. one quick dosage can have your fuzzy friend a little more relaxed during an impromptu thunderstorm, so ‘necessary’ roadworks or the dreaded firework night. People have even used it when bringing a newer animal into the household. 

Much like in humans, pets can really benefit from the calming effects of CBD.

Pain Relief

Inevitably as our pets get older they start to suffer with joint problems such as arthritis, much like people do. Daily use of CBD has been shown to decrease the body's desire to inflame around sore joints and, therefore, relieve the pain that is associated with that inflammation.

Most of us have met a dog that would happily run a marathon once they let off their lead or a cat that thinks 3am is the perfect time to use the house as a Grand Prix circuit. Sometimes this over-exuberance results in a muscle ache or strain. CBD is great at tackling such an issue and has your little buddy up, running and carefree in no time.

Not to mention the combined stress reduction and muscle recovery is great for pets who have recently come out of surgery and need a little time to recuperate.


Animals have everything to benefit from taking CBD just like us humans. It is safe to take as an oil mixed in with their food or specific treats designed especially for our fuzzballs. 

If you are interested in exploring the uses of CBD with your animal we encourage you to check with your local vet first.  

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