What different ways are there to consume CBD?

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With the increasing popularity of CBD usage for anxiety, stress, aches and pains, etc, there are also an increasing number of methods through which to consume it. This post will go over a few of the more popular ways of consumption, to allow you to judge for yourself which one is best for you.


1) Vaping CBD E-Juice

With the continued rise in the number of poeple making the switch from smoking to vaping, unsurprisingly, CBD E-Juice is also becoming more popular and widely available. Available in varying strengths from 100mg and upwards, there are a number of different juices available. With one of the highest rates of bioavailability (the percentage of any given chemical compund effecively absorbed by the body) vaping CDB is probably the quickest way to get it into your system.


2) Eating CBD infused sweets

If you don't want to vape, there is also the option of sweets that have been infused with CBD, usually in the form of gummy rings, gummy bears, etc. It's as simple as just eating them! With strengths per sweet varying from 25mg - 50mg, there are a number of choices for your CBD consumption. 


3) CBD Oral Drops

Probably one of the most popular ways of using CBD currently, oral drops come in the form of a tincture with a dropper. A few drops are simply placed under the tongue and held there for a minute or so. As this is almost a direct route to your bloodstream, this is one of the easier ways to consume CBD.


4) CBD Pre-rolls

CBD pre-rolls are essentially CBD "cigarettes" containing CBD flower as the main ingredient, but filled out with hemp shake. They contain no nicotine or tobacco, but are still smoked in the traditional way. This has a similar bioavailability to E-Juice and is therefore a rapid way of ingesting your CBD. It's wise to note that this method does involve combustion though, and therefore may not be the best option for those seeking to move away from combustion/smoking entirely.


5) Loose CBD hemp flower

CBD flower is the "bud" from the hemp plant containing the highest concentration of CBD. It can be purchased by the gram and can then be made into a relaxing CBD tea to be consumed at your leisure. It may also be rolled into cigarettes along with some hemp shake as filler. Naturally that method involves combustion also.


When you have decided what CBD product is best for you, please make sure you follow all dosing /usage guidelines and reccomendations on the packaging to ensure safe and responsible use.

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