CBD and Megan Rapinoe

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Megan Rapinoe is one of the most famous and influential women’s footballers in the world. With a career that’s included an Olympic gold medal, two World Cups and a Player of the Year award you have to wonder what the key to her success is. 

While Megan’s sheer talent and drive cannot be understated she is an advocate for the use of CBD as part of her routine. Despite injury setbacks throughout her career she has still managed to feature 175 times, to date, for the US Women’s National Team and is still playing to this day. The key to this longevity? Megan puts it down to CBD and it’s restorative features. ‘I wanted a healthier, more natural option for pain management, sleep aid, relaxation while flying, and general flying’ says Megan.   

So whether that is CBD to relieve inflammation after a serious gym work out, to aid in the recovery process after a muscle injury or just to unwind after a competitive day, Megan’s success story with CBD is reverberating throughout the sports world. More and more people are taking up CBD as part of their lifestyle and enjoying the benefits.

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